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What made you want to become a doula?

This is a question that I get asked often and I always want to respond: why wouldn’t I want to be a doula?!

I have always been interested in pregnancy and childbirth; it’s an amazing process! When I became a mother I realized just how significant and transformative this journey is for a woman and what a profound and enduring impact it can have on her. I also discovered how essential a supportive and caring team is for a positive experience. I love sharing my knowledge and expertise to help guide women and their families on their journey to the birth that is right for them.

When I’m not doulaing I’m caring for my two children, five-year-old Jack and two-year-old Molly. I love to read any books I can get my hands on and also enjoy crafting and cooking. I’m a native Central Ohioan, currently residing in Gahanna.

I love to learn! I am always working to expand my knowledge and skills to better serve my clients. I completed my birth doula training in October 2013 and achieved certification with DONA International in November 2014. I then completed Hypno-Doula training with Hypnobabies® in December 2014 and advanced rebozo training with the Gena Kirby Method in January 2015. I hold a leadership position within Central Ohio Doulas. I am also a member of Birthworkers of Central Ohio and DONA International.

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