Are you planning to utilize hypnosis for a relaxed and comfortable birth? Wonderful!

I am a Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula, and I am trained to support the unique needs of clients who are using hypnosis for childbirth. I have completed local childbirth education courses in both Hypnobabies® and HypnoBirthing®.

As your Hypno-Doula:

  • I understand the power your mind holds for mental, emotional, and physical comfort during childbirth and that you will be utilizing tools such as positive affirmations, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and hypnosis techniques for a more comfortable birth.
  • I understand the importance of using positive language at all times and how sensitive you are to suggestion.
  • I am familiar with the tools and techniques and the way in which you are learning them. I can utilize hypno-tools such as deepening techniques, fear-clearing sessions, physical and verbal cues, hypnotic suggestions, and support while "breathing" your baby out.
  • I can help to create a peaceful environment and pair the tools you have learned with a variety of positions to aid your baby's descent.
  • I can help your partner to be your liaison with your care provider(s) so they are aware of your unique needs and you can focus on birthing.

For my hypno-clients I provide the same service package as all my birth doula clients. At our prenatal visits we will discuss your desires for your birthing time, I will learn your favorite hypnosis tracks, cues, and birth prompts, and facilitate a birth rehearsal for you to practice your techniques while your birth partner and I practice our roles supporting you. We will also discuss breastfeeding basics, postpartum planning, and I will ensure that all of your questions are answered!

Please see my birth doula package for information about my full services and fee.

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