"When I found out I was pregnant, a bit of panic ensued. An incessant line of questions kept me up at night: Will I survive the birth? Can I manage as a new mom? Who will be there to help me through labor? How will I know when to head to the hospital? After several weeks of sleepless nights I decided I needed to hire a doula. It turns out this was the best decision of my pregnancy: Stephanie helped to make my birth experience magnificent. After my partner and I interviewed a few doulas, I knew Stephanie was right for us. She was professional, understanding, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable about child birth. She put my mind at ease. Over the course of the pregnancy I met with Stephanie on several occasions and she helped me shape the idea of pregnancy, child birth, and motherhood into enjoyable life experiences. When it finally came time to deliver my baby, I was mentally prepared to manage the labor and delivery process. When delivery day arrived, Stephanie was at my side from the entire labor and birth. Although the birth itself did not go as planned, everything was perfect and I can not imagine a better experience. It is certain that if I am every pregnant again I will have a doula, hopefully Stephanie, for support."

--Anita, first-time mom

"My husband and I were so greatful to have Stephanie as our doula for the birth of our first child. Her presence during the labor and delivery was a tremendous help. She was attentive, professional and knowledgable. Stephanie not only educated us in what to expect prior to labor and delivery, but also addressed any postpartum concerns as well. Stephanie was quick to suggest laboring positions and make diplomatic suggestions that were always in my best interest. I found her coaching and nurturing to be superior to the nurses I had. We will definitely use her again if we are lucky enough to have more children and we recommend her highly."

--Emily, first-time mom

"Stephanie served as my doula during the birth of my second child. I arrived at the hospital feeling unprepared and uneasy. I was not looking forward to my unplanned induction. I immediately felt better once Stephanie arrived. We were able to discuss the anxiety I was feeling and she helped me come to terms with the fact that it was time and that I could do it! Stephanie was very helpful at suggesting various positions and techniques to help me work through contractions. Stephanie stayed by my side the entire time. She helped me to feel empowered and incredibly supported. My husband and I look back on our son's birth experience with such fond memories and we are very grateful for the integral role that Stephanie filled as our doula."

--Amy, second-time mom

"My husband and I agree that having Stephanie with us was essential to our ability to endure an extremely long labor. I was at 8 or 9 centimeters for 11 hours without pain medication. She listened to our concerns, anticipated needs, and responded accordingly. Stephanie consistently provided emotional and physical support throughout the entire process. Labor is intense and Stephanie was there to help us manage that intensity. Stephanie's strength as a good listener helped us to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. She also showed tremendous compassion and understanding for the challenging aspects of preparing for birth. Stephanie is knowledgable about various options available for laboring, so I learned a lot and felt comfortable designing/adjusting my birth preferences. My husband and I are overjoyed that I was able to have a successful VBAC in the end."

--Sherry, second-time mom

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